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The products included under the branch in this family are: Regent Gold, Regent Black Clove, Regent Mini Menthol, Regent Mini King, Regent No 10.

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Carlton fully flavoured using Virginia blend is for those who are ambitious and aspire to achieve greatness.

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‘Traditional’ would be the best way to describe the blend belonging to the Jaipur Family. The products included are Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green, making it perfect for those who believe in tradition.

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Prince Henry

‘Ritualistic’ is the experience that Prince Henry, a product presented by the house of NTC and belonging to the Loose Tobacco Family provides for. It has been manufactured for those who intend to live a larger than ‘Aristocratic’ life.

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Ritz consists of a Virginia blend filled with flavour, is the latest addition to the family, and ideal for those who crave for the glitz and glamour experience.

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Regent Mini King

The Regent Mini King is considered the most innovative brand in the family and possesses strong to medium blends perfect for those who like to relax like a king.

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The Regent No 10 is the exclusive brand of the Regent family that has specially been manufactured for those who like to live like a champion.

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‘International’ market is what Neel, a product manufactured by house of NTC and belonging to the Loose Tobacco Family intends to target. It has mainly been produced for those people who are spiritual in nature, and seek ‘Peace and Tranquility’.

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La Rose

‘Feminine’ is a word that best describes the La Rose brand manufactured under the house of NTC umbrella, and belonging to the Queen family. Comprising of regular and menthol flavour, it has been produced for the ‘Cool Modern Woman’ who exudes independence.

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First Lady

Made exclusively for women, First Lady is a product belonging to the Queen Family and manufactured by house of NTC. Consisting of menthol flavour, it has been especially been produced for all those ladies who love to break ‘Stereotypes’ that too with confidence.

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Regent Gold

‘Smooth’ would be the best way to describe Regent Gold, a premium brand produced by the House of NTC. Measuring about 64 mm in size, this product has been manufactured especially for those who like to live life in a relaxed way. In other words, it is perfect for those individuals who like experience the feeling of being a ‘royal’ that too at a cheap rate.

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Regent Black

‘Tradition’ is what Regent Black produced by the house of NTC has stood for. This product comprising of a clove flavour has been popular with especially those men who like to be strong and in control. Furthermore, this product has been packaged in a very stylish box which gives it a whole new identity.

Our Strengths

We at NTC have been known for the manufacturing
of high quality tobacco and related lifestyle
products. Furthermore, these products have been
created specifically using innovate proprietary
technology, varied blends, and designer packaging.
In other words, NTC has by using cutting edge
technology taken tobacco manufacturing up a notch
to the next level.

Market Presence

NTC has made its presence felt equally in both domestic as well as the international market.


They also take pride in the fact that they have been recognized at various international forums held in cities such as Brussels, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Luxemborg.


NTC is proud to have started a revolution in the tobacco industry by introducing the first menthol flavoured cigarette, as well as blends exclusively for women.

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