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NTC Industries Ltd. INDIA

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Ceremonies are incomplete without the aromatic presence of Agardeep Incense sticks from House of NTC.

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‘Easy to light up’ would be the best way to describe matchboxes belonging to the Regent brand. They are packed in small and elegant cardboard boxes as well as
mega sized boxes.

Our Core Values

House of NTC also known as ‘NTC Industries Ltd’ located in Kolkata referred to as ‘THE CITY OF JOY’ is renowned for manufacturing FMCG products that are known for their style. They manufacture a wide range of products that have been crafted using innovative proprietary technology, and which helps add luxury to the lifestyle of the consumer. Furthermore, this Fast- Moving Consumer Goods manufacturing company has produced many goods which prove to be ideal for the consumer and their relaxation. Additionally, the use of inventive techniques of manufacturing by this brand has ensured that it has developed a strong legacy whose fragrance has spread not only in the domestic market but globally too.


Market Presence

NTC has made its presence felt equally in both domestic as well as the international market.


NTC takes pride in the fact that they have been recognized at various international forums held in cities such as Brussels, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Luxemborg.


NTC is proud to have started a revolution in the tobacco industry by introducing the first menthol flavoured cigarette, as well as blends exclusively for women.

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