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Manufacturing & Exporting Cigarettes around the world



Incorporated in September 1931. NTC industries Ltd. is headquartered in Kolkata, India. They are one of the oldest manufacturer of cigarettes in India with expertise in excellently packed cigarettes containing blends that adhere to the highest quality standards and technical specifications. To achieve this, they have established a dedicated state of the art production line for processing finest blends of tobacco.

The brand has a huge presence in the domestic market in India, as well as in the international markets. NTC is one of the few companies in India having a license to manufacture cigarettes and all tobacco products, NTC has received recognition for its outstanding quality on international forums in Brussels, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Paris and Luxemburg.


Cutting Edge Manufacturing Technology

‘Innovation’ is a keyword that NTC firmly believes in, and hence have set up a state of the art manufacturing unit in Kolkata also known as ‘CITY OF JOY’. It is this use of innovative technology that has allowed NTC to produce top quality tobacco products.

Making Its Presence Felt In Markets Around The World

The use of ‘innovation’ is what has helped NTC acquire a real good reputation as a top class FMCG manufacturing not only domestically but globally as well. In fact, it possesses a license to manufacture all types of FMCG products, which is very rare.

Why Use Our Products?

We at the ‘House of NTC’ are known to provide for a range of innovatively crafted FMCG products. In addition, we also supply products such as matchboxes, and incense sticks, to become an integral part of your daily lifestyle.

Furthermore, we are also one of India’s oldest manufacturers of FMCG products renowned for adhering to high quality standards and technical specifications while producing them.


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