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NTC Industries Ltd. INDIA

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NTC Industries Limited popularly as the ‘HOUSE OF NTC’ is considered to be one of India’s oldest tobacco manufacturers. It was established in September 1931 in the ‘CITY OF JOY’ (i.e. Kolkata), and is renowned for its manufacturing excellence. This brand is known to adhere to high standards in quality product, and hence have set up a state of the art manufacturing unit in Kolkata.

It is also one of the very rare tobacco manufacturing companies in India which possess a license to produce all types of products related to tobacco. These days a paradigm shift has been witnessed, with this company producing not just blends of tobacco but also products such as R’gent matchboxes and Agardeep Incense Sticks.

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  • Market Presence

    NTC has made its presence felt equally in both domestic as well as the international market.

  • Recognition

    They also take pride in the fact that they have been recognized at various international forums held in cities such as Brussels, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Luxemborg.

  • Achievements

    NTC is proud to have started a revolution in the tobacco industry by introducing the first menthol flavoured cigarette, as well as blends exclusively for women.

  • Reputation

    Having over the years gained a reputation of providing consumers with products comprising of innovative blends and flavours ranging from trendy, classy,to premium, NTC is all set to continue to walk on this tried and tested path of 'Invention’ ' in the ‘Tobacco Industry’ and take it to the next level.

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Our Brands

Regent Family

The products included under the branch in this family are: Regent Gold, Regent Black Clove, Regent Mini Menthol, Regent Mini King, Regent No 10.

Route Family

The Route Family is yet another under brand under the NTC umbrella which is known for some ‘innovative and creative’ blends. The products included are Route 69 Rum and Route 69 Screwdriver.

Loose Tobacco Family

 The Loose Tobacco is a brand under the NTC family which gives the consumer the experience of making its own product.  The products under this family brand included are Prince Henry and Neel.

Queen Family

It comprises of blends ranging from regular to the most exotically strong flavours, and products such as La Rose Regular, La Rose Menthol, and First Lady.

Brown Family

‘Class’ is what the brands under the Brown Family are known to exude. The products included are Ritz and Carlton.

R’gent Matchboxes

 ‘Easy to light up’ would be the best way to describe matchboxes belonging to the R’gent brand.

Maypole Family

‘High quality products’ is what the Maypole Family is known for. It consists of two products Maypole Regular with a Switch and Maypole Lights.

Jaipur Family

‘Traditional’ would be the best way to describe the blend belonging to the Jaipur Family. The products included are: Jaipur Yellow, Jaipur Red, Jaipur Blue, and Jaipur Green.

Agardeep Incense Sticks

NTC also possesses the Agardeep Incense Sticks brands considered to be the best for various ceremonies and rituals in India known for being a spiritual country.

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